Internet Centre

Internet has emerged as a powerful tool for education. It is a confluence of all kinds of information related to each and every field of education. It also allows teachers and students, sitting in far-flung areas, to interact, share and exchange information. In order for students to be successful, they must have a global view of their future. The Internet is one of the most important tools for a person to be successful in their future. It is essential that students learn to use and learn from the Internet.

The Internet Centre is equipped with more than 50 high quality Intel I5 third generation  processors with 4gb RAM & 500gb HDD computers. Facilities like printers and scanners are provided in the lab. All computers are connected with 24 hr. Internet facility with dedicated 40 mbps with compression ratio 1:1 bandwidth and backed up with high speed ISDN line.
The Internet Connectivity with Campus wide area Networking enables access from anywhere within the college Campus. The Internet connectivity is extended to Hostels with Wi-Fi Connectivity through RUCUS wireless routers to facilitate 24X7 access to the Internet.

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