Basic Engineering Guest Lectures

The modern education system has made guest lectures an important part of their learning strategies. Having guest speakers enhances the educational experience of the students. Moreover, it is a great way for the students to get maximum exposure .Keeping this aim in mind Basic engineering department organizes various guest lectures.

Sr. No. Subject Topic Name of resource person Date
1 Basic Electronic Communication Digital Electronics Prof.Veena Kiragi(Assistant Professor,ICEM) 26/09/2018
2 Engineering Graphics Engineering Curves Prof. Deepti Deshmukh (Assistant Professor,ICEM) 29/09/2018
3 Engineering Chemistry Fuel Cells Prof. Mahesh Bhong(Assistant Professor,ICEM) 3/10/2018
4 Engineering Physics Fundamentals of Semiconductor Diode and Transistor  Prof.  Dheeraj Bhagwat (Assistant Professor,ICEM) 3/10/2018
5 Basic Electrical Engineering AC Fundamentals Prof. Harshavardhan Khare(Associate Professor, VIT,Pune) 14/11/2018
6 Engineering Graphics Orthographic & Isometric Projection Prof. Pankaj Kolhe(Assistant Professor, Dr. D. Y. Patil ,Pimpri) 20/11/2018
7 Engineering Graphics Orthographic & Isometric Projection Prof. Pushparaj Warke(Assistant Professor, Dr. D. Y. Patil ,Pimpri) 20/11/2018
8 Engineering Mathematics Partial Differentiation & Jacobian Dr. Prashant Malvadkar (Associate Professor, MIT, Kothrud) 21/11/2018
9 Engineering Chemistry Chemistry of Carbon & Hydrogen & Corrosion Science Dr. Prof. Manisha Jail(Associate Professor, Cummins College of Engineering for women,Karve Nagar ,Pune) 23/11/2018
10 Engineering Physics Fundamentals of Physics of nanostructures Prof. Rohini Panajkar(Associate Professor, VIT,Pune) 23/10/2018  
Sr. No. Date Subject Topic Name Name of resource person
1 7/11/2017 Basic Electronics Engineering Electronic Communication: Modulation Prof. Meenakshi Patil (Assistant Professor,ICEM)
2 7/11/2017 Basic Civil & Environmental Engineering Surveying Prof. Vijay Kumar Saini (Assistant Professor,ICEM)
3 8/11/2017 Basic Electrical Engineering Star-to-delta & Delta-to-star Conversion Prof. Dheeraj Bhagawate (Assistant Professor,ICEM)
4 8/11/2017 Engineering Graphics Isometric Projection Prof. Neha Kamble(Assistant Professor,ICEM)
5 10/11/17 Engineering Physics Nano Technology Prof. Yogesh Sonawane(Associate Professor, Zeal College of Engineering,Pune)
8 11/11/17 Engineering Mathematics-I Differential Calculus Prof. Ashok Sing (Associate Professor,AIT,Pune)
5 14/11/17 Engineering Graphics Orthographic Projection Prof. Dilip Bharat Panchal(Assistant Professor,MAE,Alandi,Pune)
7 15/11/17 Engineering Chemistry Chemistry of Carbon & Hydrogen Prof. Sridhar Saptale(Assistant Professor,SIT,Pune)
Sr. No Date Subject Topic Name Speaker name
1 19/04/2017 Engineering Mechanics Truss & Cable Problem Ms. Sujata Deo(Assistant Professor,ICEM)
2 27/03/2017 Engineering Mathematics-II Solid Geometry Dr. Manjusha Tomar(Associate Professor,ICEM)
Sr. No Date Subject Topic Name Speaker name
1 18/04/2016 Engineering Mechanics Friction and Beam Analysis Mr. Prashant Patil(Assistant Professor,ICEM)
2 21/04/2016 Engineering Mathematics-II Multiple Integral & Applications Dr. Manjusha Tomar (Associate Professor,ICEM)