Basic Engineering Guest Lectures


Sr. No. Name of resource person Topic Event Date
1 Prof. Meenakshi Patil Electronic Communication: Modulation Guest Lecture 7/11/2017
2 Prof. Vijay Kumar Saini Surveying Guest Lecture 7/11/2017
3 Prof. Dheeraj Bhagawate Star-to-delta & Delta-to-star Conversion Guest Lecture 8/11/2017
4 Prof. Neha Kamble Isometric Projection Guest Lecture 8/11/2017
5 Prof. Yogesh Sonawane Nano Technology Guest Lecture 10/11/17
8 Prof. Ashok Sing Differential Calculus Guest Lecture 11/11/17
5 Prof. Dilip Bharat Panchal Orthographic Projection Guest Lecture 14/11/17
7 Prof. Sridhar Saptale Chemistry of Carbon & Hydrogen Guest Lecture 15/11/17