Basic Engineering

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The globalization and modernization in the world demands ‘interdisciplinary approach’ and everybody must have a minimum basic knowledge of all disciplines. Department of basic engineering is taking more focused and multidimensional efforts to make the ‘foundation’ of the students as strong as possible.
The Department of basic engineering is devoted to foster the fundamental principles and understanding of science for all engineering disciplines. The department has well-equipped labs for F.E. students where experiments are designed to broaden experimental skills related to various branches of engineering and technology.
The academic programs of this department are organized to meet the requirements of the fast-growing technology.

Departmental Goals
  • Provide students with essential tools for further study in engineering.
  • Apply the engineering problem solving process to solve basic engineering design and analysis problems.
  • Solve basic analytical (and design) problems using engineering tools, and be proficient and efficient in the use of these tools.
  • Choose appropriate tools to solve specific engineering problems.

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