Book Club

Our Respected Chairperson Dr. Tarita Shankar had initiated Book Club activity at ICEM. The Inauguration of Book Club was held on 12th August 2014 in the reading hall near the library in Avirat Campus.

As our chairperson has strong belief that one must have good reading habits hence to cultivate this activity of reading books in young students this BOOK CLUB was formed where in each session with her motivational and inspiring words She not only updates on the new good books she reads each time but also teach students how to read book & summarize it.
In Each session each of the member reads out rather summarizes the book of his/her choice. In one of the session she read some interesting paragraphs from one of her favorite book “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” written by Steel, Daniella and explained students how reading is important in the life. After the completion of reading the book she offered a cup of coffee and cake to all the members of book club.

Initially in the first Batch of 2014 about thirty students from various departments of IGBS & ICEM had participated into this activity in which the group is divided into two batches. The book club session is conducted twice a month at ICEM. In 2015 students from ICAD joined and the new batches were formed.

In this club student’s fond of reading general books other than academics can participate, where students along with our Honorable Chairperson Madam have a session in the library for where they talk about the books and its content….Once in a Year students are taken to the book libraries like CrossWord where Our Chairperson offers them books of their choices.

Inauguration of Book Club @ ICEM AVIRAT by our Hon’ble Chairperson

Inauguration of 2nd Batch & Crossword Session

Session held @ crossword on 19 September 2014

Session held in September 2015 @ ICEM & Crossword Aundh

The following are the objectives of the book club:

  • Encourage reading
  • Make reading a social experience as well as an individual activity
  • Develop verbal expression of ideas and feelings
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Develop the feeling of belonging to a group, being respected, and treating other group members with respect
  • Bond with others of similar age or cross-generational
  • Time for reflection
  • Time for sharing
  • Time for exploration
  • A chance to see others in a new way
  • An opportunity to see literature in a new way

In order to carry out this activity smoothly and effectively, our honorable chairperson had donated near about 300 books i.e. fiction, non- fiction, Auto- biographies and more to the library which is displayed as a Chairperson’s Corner in the reading hall.

Various sessions held at ICEM and outside.

1. 12/08/2014 ICEM 03:30PM TO 05:30 PM
2. 27/08/2014 ICEM 03:00PM TO 04:00 PM
3. 01/09/2014 ICEM 03:30PM TO 05:30 PM
4. 11/09/2014 ICEM 03:30PM TO 05:30 PM
5. 19/09/2014 Crossword, Aundh 04:30PM TO 06:30 PM
6. 28/08/2015 ICEM 03:30PM TO 05:30 PM
7. 16/09/2015 Crossword, Aundh 03:00PM TO 05:00 PM

At Crossword, our chairperson Dr Tarita Shankar gifted books to the members of the book club of their own choice.


Name of the student Branch and Year   Name of the student Branch and Year
Akshay p Kotecha SE E&Tc Ayesha Shaikh MBA (IGBS)
Koustubh Chougule MCA 1 Gaurav Shinde MBA FE
Mehul M Shroff MBA Himanshu Gupta MBA FE
Nandagopalan Baiju TE E & TC Krutika Shah MBA FE
Nikita Natesan E&Tc SE Mayur Takalkar TE Mech
Prasad Hande BE E&Tc Mohan Suryawanshi TE Comp
Richa Singh E&Tc SE Nikhil Kamble MBA FE
Santosh Kawtikwar BE E&Tc Nishi Vats MBA FE
Shantanu Das SYMBA Omkar Barge MBA (IGBS)
Shikha Kumari MCA 1 Pawan Pathekar MBA (IGBS)
Suraj R Narkhede SE Civil Pranoti V Shinde TE Comp
Tejaswini Kadam TE computer Pritam Gandhi MBA (IGBS)
Tushal B Dahibhate TE Computer Shubham Choudhari SE Mech
Varsharani Biradar E&Tc  SE Sonali Sonawane MBA (IGBS)
Vikas kumar Prasad SE computer Vikrant Kulkarni MBA (IGBS)
Ashutosh Alekar MBA (IGBS) Vinita Rokade MBA FE
Ashwini Bendure TE E & TC

Applications were invited from the interested candidate’s where library received more than 40 applications from the students and thus the group was divided into two batches.


Akshay p Kotecha Ronaldo Caioli, Luca Home Kupur, Manju
Ashutosh Alekar Things your mother news told you about love Pande, Juhi The kite runner Hosseini, Khaled
Ashwini Bendure someone you likke Datta, Durjoy The Mahabharata secret Doyle, C.C.
Gaurav Shinde Notebook Sparks, Nichloas The notebook Sparks, Nichloas
Himanshu Gupta Mother Teresa Greene, Meg Mother teresa Greene, Meg
Koustubh Chougule bombay london newyork Amitava Kumar Deeply odd Koontz, Dean
Krutika Shah Few things left unsold Nagarkar, Sudeep Few things left unsold Nagarkar, Sudeep
Mayur Takalkar Jackpot Wakalkar,Sarita Jackpot Wakalkar, Sarita
Mehul M Shroff Leadership Mehandale,Tarita The raja is dead Singh, Shivaji
Mohan Suryawanshi Ohh yes i am single & so in my girlfriend Datta, Durijoy Five point someone Bhagat, Chetan
Nandagopalan Baiju One handred years of solitude Marquaz, Gabriel Breakfast at tiffany’s Capote, Truman
Nikhil Kamble You can sell Khera, Shiv Secret wish list Shenoy, Preeti
Nikita Natesan Revenge wears Weisberger, Lauren Krishna Keys
Nishi Vats Guide Narayan, R. K. Someone like you Singh, Nikita
Omkar Barge immortals of meluha Amish Life of  software engineer Ambelia, Dipen
Pawan Pathekar Steve jobs thinking differently Lakin, Patricia Friends in small places Bond, Ruskin
Pranoti V Shinde C. V. Raman: a biography Parameswaran, Uma C.V.Raman: A biography Parameswaran,Uma
Prasad Hande Mother teresa Chawla, N. Mother Teresa Chawla, N.
Pritam Gandhi Wise & otherwise Murty, Sudha Wise and otherwise Murthy, Sudha
Richa Singh I to had a love story Singh, Rauindar Go it alone Burch, Geoff
Shantanu Das Dreams from my father7 Barack Obama. One night @the call centre Bhagat, Chetan
Shikha Kumari When only love remains Datta, Durijoy Angel of the dark Sheldon, Sidney
Shubham Choudhari Narendra Modi Narendra Modi Bal thackeray and the rise of shiv sena Purandare, Vaibhav
Sonali Sonawane Ohh yes, I am single & so is my girl Datta, Durjoy Ohh yes Iam single and so is me girlfriend Datta, Durjoy
Suraj R Narkhede Byculla to Bangkok Zaidi, Hussain S. Byculla to Bangkok S. Hussain Zaidi
Tejaswini Kadam The governer’s wife Gimenez, Mark The governer’s wife Gimenez, Mark
Tushal B Dahibhate Sons of fortune Archer, Jeffrey Sons of fortune Archer, Jeffrey
Varsharani Biradar If you could see me now Ahern, Cecelio The take Cole, Martina
Vikas kumar Prasad The knot Borodale, Jane The knot Borodale, Jane
Vikrant Kulkarni Secret of the nagas Amish The alchemist Coelho, Paulo
Vinita Rokade Those small lil things: in life & love Saini, Rahul Those small lil things:in life and love Saini, Rahul

The below listed are the donated books  which are generally from the category fiction, Non- fiction, Auto- biographies of various personalities.

2 states Bhagat,Chetan Murder on the orient express Christie, Agatha
A god who hates Sultan, Wafa My experiments with unleashing people power Sinha, K.K.
A perfect life Steel, Danielle Never go back Child, Lee
A shot at history: : my obsessive Bindre, Abhinav Newyork newyark Prabhu, Meena
An evening in Paris and other stories Kohli, Suresh Notebook Sparks, Nicholas
And then there were none Christie, Agatha Oath of the vayuputras Amish
And thereby hangs a tale Archer, Jeffrey Odessa file Forsyth, Frederick
Angel of the dark Sheldon, Sidney Ohh yes i am single & so in my girlfriend Datta, Durijoy
Angle of the dark Bagshawe, Tilly Ohh yes, I am single & so is my girl Datta, Durjoy
Back to work Clinton, Bill On a prayer Birla, Yash
Bad angels Chance, Rebecca One handred years of solitude Marquaz, Gabriel
Bal thackeray & the rise of shiv sena Purandare, Vaibhav One night @ call center Bhagat,Chetan
Bankster Subramanian, Raui One shot Child, Lee
Be gareful what you wish for Archer, Jeffrey Only time will tell Archer, Jeffrey
Beautiful disaster Mcguire, Jamie Outliers Gladwell, Malcolm
Benjamin graham: building a profession Sullian, Rodney Pandora’s daughters Shankar, Kalyani
Book thief . Zusak, Markus Power of a common man: Dascupta Koral
Breakfast at tiffany’s Capote, Truman Princess remembers Devi, Gayatri
Breakfast at tiffany’s Capote, Tuman Private India Sanghi, Ashwin
Brethren Grisham, John Race of my life Singh, Milkha
Byculla bangkok Zaidi, Hussain S. Racketeer Grisham, John
C. V. Raman: a biography Parameswaran, Uma Rang de basanti Mehra, Rakeysh
Can love happen tiuice Singh, Rauinder Return to the little kingdom Moritz, Michael
Captiue Rojas, Clara Rip Deva, Mukul
Case of a fan denceis horse Gardner, Frle S. Ronaldo Caioli, Luca
Case of a stuttering bishop Gardner, Frle S. Sachin tendulkar ESPN, Cricinfo
Case of the lucky loser Gardener, Erle S. Scripting destiny Sancheti, K. H.
Chanakya’s chant Sanghi, Ashwin Second honeymoon Patterson, james
Choclate for a mother’s heart Allenbaugh, Kay Second thoughts De, Shobha
City of fear Dauid, Rokin Secret of the nagas Amish
Conversation with god Walsch, N.D. Secrets and lies Misra, Jaishree
Dead of alive Clancy, Tom Sense & sensibility Austen, Jane
Deeply odd Koontz, Dean Shobhaa at sixty Shobha, De
Devotion of suspect x Higashino, Keigo Sins of the father Archer, Jeffrey
Dirubhaism Krishnamurthy, A. G. Soft heaven Sparks, Nicholes
Discover the diamond in you Chaudhuri, Arindam Some one like you Datta, Durjoy
Dollar bahu Murty, Sudha Something to smile about Ziglar, Zig
Door gopalakrishan: life in cinema Bharkaran, Gautaman Sons of fortune Archer, Jeffrey
Dreams from my father Obama, Barack Steve jobs thinking differently Lakin, Patricia
Eat pray love Gilbert, Elizabeth Strange obession De, Shobha
Ek bharat shreshtha bharat Pandit, Pradeep Swami Vivekananda the living vedanta Badrinath, Chaturvedi
Ek dishecha shodh Wasalekar, Sandeep Tale of two cities Dickens, Charles
False impression Arches, Jeffrey Tales from Shakespeare Lamb, Charles
Family life sharma, Akhil The 3 mistakes in my life Bhagat,Chetan
Farzone Keay, Julia The 7 habit of highly effective people Covey, Stephen
Few things left unsaid Nagarkar, Sudeep The 8th habit Covey, Stephen R
First love Patterson, James The argumentature Indian Sen, Amartya
Five point someone Bhagat, Chetan The breached wall Burgh, Anita
Fraudster Raman, RV The care taker Ahmad, Aftab
Friends in small places Bond, Ruskin The case book of sherlock holmes Doyle, Arthur conan
Going places Guruprasad, K. R. The casual vacancy Rowling, J.K
Golden jubilee Dasgupta, Subrata The comeback Mantri, Suhas
Grand mother tale Narayan, R. K. The creation of wealth Lala, R.M
Guide Narayan, R. K. The day i stopped drinking milk Murthy, Sudha
Habit of wining Iyer, Prakash The discovery of India Nehru, J
Happy Birthday Steel, Danielle The einstein pursuit Kuneski, Chris
Happy birthday Steel, Danielle The fault in our stars Green, John
Help stockett, Kathryn The gift Ahern, Cecelia
Hickory dickory dock Christie, Agatha The goal Goldratt, Eliyahu
Holy cow! an indian adventure Macdonald, Sarah The governer’s wife Gimenez, Mark
Homing pigeons Bahri, Sid The great masters Nadkarni, Mohan
How to become a billionaire by selling nothing Magal, Aditya The knot Borodale, Jane
How to fall in love Ahern, Cecelia The krishna key Sanghi, Ashwin
I dare! Bedi, Kiran The krishna key Sanghi, Ashwin
I to had a love story Singh, Rauindar The one you cannot have Shenoy, Preeti
If you could see me now Ahern, Cecelio The painter of signs Narayan, R. K.
immortals of meluha Amish The raja is dead Singh, Shivani
In search of silence Narse, Rohan The secret numbers Jain, Manish
In the name of the people Narayanan, K. R. The secret numbers Jain, Minish
Indira Sohoni, Leena The secret wish list Shenoy, Preeti
Inferno Broun, Dan The silent girl Gerristen, Tess
Jackpot Wakalkar,Sarita The silent girl: no one could hear her scream Gerritsen, Tess
Jeh: life of J.R.D.Tata Dadabhay, Bakhtiar K. The tiger claw Baldwin, S.S
Kill alex cross Patterson, James The vendor of sweets Narayan, R. K
Kite runner Hosseine, Khaled The white tiger Adiga, Aravind
Land where i flee Parajuly, Prajwal The world of nagraj Narayan, R. K.
Leadership Mehandale,Tarita There’s no such thing as a self made man Chhabria, Pralhad
Life of software engineer Ambalia, Dipen Things your mother news told you about love Pande, Juhi
Londonstani Malkani, Gautam Those small lil things: in life & love Saini, Rahul
Love stories 1 to 14 Zaidi, Annie Thousand splendid suns Horseini, Khaled
Mahabharta secret Doyle, Christopher Time to kill Grisham, John
Malgudi adventures Narayan, R. K. Tough choices Fiorina, Carly
Managing to succeed Dolan, paul Turning points Kalam, Abdul A. P. J
Manifesto for change Kalam, Abdul A. P. J Vaat tibetchi Prabhu, Meena
Married but available Bhaduri, Abhijeet Veronika decides to die Coelho, Paulo
Maximum city Mehta, Suketu Vicious circle Smith, Wilbur
Memoris Tanuir, Habib Voat tibetchi Prabhu, Meena
Memors of sherlock holmes Doyle, Arthur C. Well now, my pretty Chase, James Hadley
Message in a bottle Sparks, Nicholas When only love remains Datta, Durijoy
Mira and the Mahatma Kakar, Sudhir Where shall we go this summer Desai, Anita
Money for nothing Wodehouse, P. G. Will you still love me tomorrow? Carroll, Claudie
Mother Teresa Greene, Meg Wine to water Hendley, Doc
Mother teresa Whawla, Navin Wise & otherwise Murty, Sudha
Mr. sampath: the printer of malgudi Narayan, R. K. You can say that again Chase, James
Mrs Miracle Macomber, Debbie You can win. Khera , Shiv
You were my crush till you said you love me Datta, Durjoy