CAREClub Innovative initiative by our Honorable Chairperson, Dr. Tarita Shankar for Indiraites

C- Counsel
A- Advise
R- Rise
E- Evolve

Care Club Session : 16th Dec 2016 (Friday)

Contact No.

Ms. Mamtta Jadhav
IGBS  MBA-1st Yr.

Mr. Shreepal Sanghvi
IGBS  MBA-1st Yr.

Ms. Shreya Sikchi
ICAD 1st Yr.

Ms. Shruti Nair
ICAD 1st Yr.

Mr. Chinmay Pendse
ICAD 1st Yr.

Mr. Shubham Chintalwar
ICEM BE – Civil

Mr. Kundan Thombare
ICEM BE – Civil

Ms. Ajay Tambe
ICEM BE – Civil

Mr. Vinit Patil
ICEM BE – Comp.

Mr. Swapnil Khule

Mr. Sachin Shivan

The chairperson of Indira Group of Institutes, Dr. Tarita Shankar established Shree Chanakya Education Society in the year 1994 when she realized that the core of India’s development issue lies in providing much needed education to its youth. Indira Group of Institutes offers courses in the field of Management, IT, Science, Commerce, Communication, Acting school, Pharmacy and Engineering.
Dr. Tarita Shankar is an excellent orator, renowned for her free, frank and fearless expression of her views. She loves to travel and has explored all major countries in the world. Her love for travelling and reading coupled with the rich experiences in her life has transformed her into a dynamic person she is now. She has been an evangelist for social good throughout her illustrious career. This includes assistance to students, physically handicapped and orphaned children, senior citizens etc. She launched her CARE club on 25th July 2013 on the occasion of the induction programme of the MBA students at Indira Global Business School.

It is an innovative initiative taken by her where the students as well as the staff members of Indira Group of Institutes will be able to seek her guidance and benefit from her rich experience of life. She says, “My dream of doing this started when I meet students with varied problems and fears and directionless each day… I plan to counsel at least 10 students per week on a one to one basis …helping them transform into better and caring human beings adding happiness in society!”

This club is open to all Indira members. The students and staff members who wish to undergo the counseling with Tarita ma’am need to follow the following instructions.

  • They need to submit their applications to the head of the departments of their respective department.
  • Tarita ma’am will be available for counseling on every Tuesday at IGBS campus.
  • They are expected to talk about all their problems except any problem related to college.
  • No discussion regarding college will be entertained.
  • Everyone can meet Tarita ma’am only after taking an appointment through the appropriate channel.

It is said that the best gift you can give to people is time. Tarita ma’am herself will be available for counseling post lunch twice a week, i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays at IGBS campus. Everybody encounters problems in his/her personal, social, academic and professional life. These problems lead to stress and anxiety in our life. It is a common experience that we are not able to achieve our full potential due our stressful lives. One of the English proverbs says, “A problem shared is halved.” We all have desire to express our deepest concerns with someone we can confide in. Our chairperson Dr. Tarita Shankar has created a platform for the members in her Indira family where she will listen to the problems of people and try to guide them in solving them.