Civil- Expert Resource Person

Department of Civil Engineering is committed to Promote and enhance research and academic activity by various academician and industry resource person. We are ethically bounded to provide faculty from industry to enrich and cultivated industrial and research knowledge in student. For Academic Year 2017-2018 we are associated with:


Date Resource Person Topic
29/03/2018 Uday Bhate Concrete Technology
29/03/2018 S.G.Ban Structural Analysis-I
23/03/2018 Suhasini Madhekar Structural Analysis -I
24/01/2018 Manisha Nargolkar Air Pollution and Control
17&18/01/2018 Kanchan Zemse Engineering Geology
20/01/2018 S.Shinde Advanced Transportation Engineering
11/10/2017 Guruprsad Anaokar Environment Engineering
20/6/2017 Mr. Anil Pandit Scope of Civil Engineering