Research Group

Research Policies:We recognize innovations and indigenous developments in the field of Computer Engineering. We are working on three major domains like Language Computing, Data mining and Network Security to acknowledge and motivate faculties and Students working in the same field.

Responsibilities of Head of Laboratory

  • The laboratory head should ensure that personnel for whom he or she has responsibility, including associates, students, and technical staff, receive appropriate supervision and instruction.

Maintenance of Professional Interpersonal Relations

  • Laboratory head should encourage their personnel to work with other colleagues, to share data, and to discuss results freely.

Documentation and Management of Data

  • Well-designed and clearly written protocols, careful recording of data as they are gathered, and reliable data storage are essential. Detailed notebooks should be kept in a manner such that data can be properly reviewed.
Research Ongoing:
  • A research has been done by our students which is focused on Automated Threat Analysis System and Dranzer enhancement and was sponsored by Symantec.
  • Our students have built their areas of expertise over years on different research topics like Social Media Analysis, Data Mining and Networking.
Paper Published in conference

Name of Faculty National Conference International (Journal/Conference)
Prof. Manisha Bharati 5 9
Prof. Ashish Manwatkar 7 8
Prof. Manjusha Tatiya 5 9
Prof. Aparna Lavangade 4 1
Prof. Digambar Patil 3 2
Prof. Veena Kiragi 1 2
Prof. Deepak Dharrao 4 6
Prof. Sumit Harale 2 2
Prof. Deepali Dagale 3 4
Prof. Shuchi Gupta 4 5
Prof. Priya Pise 4 9
Prof. Raviraj Kasture 4 4
Prof. Sumit Dhotre 3 3
Prof. Tushar Pinjan 0 3
Prof. Pragati Choudhari 1 3
Prof. Shwetakranti Tawhare 1 2
Prof. Sinu Nambiar 5 3
Prof. Dhammajyoti Dawase 2 2
Prof. Tanvi Ghodake 1 3
Prof. Urmila Bavkar 0 3