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The DELLEMC External Research & Academic Alliance program offers unique ‘open’ curriculum-based education on technology topic such as cloud computing, big data analytics, information storage and management, and backup recovery systems and architecture. All courseware and faculty training are offered at no cost to qualifying higher education institutions. The courses focus on technology concepts and principles applicable to any vendor environment, enabling students to develop highly marketable knowledge and skills required in today’s evolving IT industry.


DELLEMC collaborates with colleges and universities worldwide to help prepare students for successful careers in a transforming IT industry.



           Courses offered by DELL EMC are as follows:

Cloud Infrastructure and Services: Gain the skills needed to make informed decisions on technologies, processes, and mechanisms required to build a cloud infrastructure. The course introduces the cloud computing reference model which includes five fundamental layers (physical, virtual, control, orchestration, and service) and three cross-layer functions (business continuity, security, and service management).

Data Science and Big Data Analytics: Providing 40 hours of content, this ‘open’ course takes a hands-on practitioner’s approach to the foundational techniques and tools required for data science and big data analytics. The course focuses on concepts, principles, and techniques applicable to any technology environment and industry and establishes a baseline that can be enhanced by training.


  2. Industry Relevant Skill development
  3. Student ambassador programs
  4. Global recognition & Certification
  5. Advanced IT Skills
  6. Free online resources



Helping students to become career ready by achieving following certificates

  • Dell EMC Certified Master - Enterprise Architect is the highest-level, experience-based certification. It uses a board review process to validate that candidates have both the technical acumen and the holistic understanding of business drivers to deliver secure ITaaS solutions that further digital transformation. The Dell EMC Education Serviceswebsite has the full details, eligibility criteria and application to be considered for a board review.
  • Dell EMC Certified Expert Systems Administrator - Multi-Cloud recognizes expertise in administration of multi-cloud solutions. This certification validates an administrator’s experience managing workloads across multi-cloud environments and their expertise in Dell EMC infrastructure, VMware vRealize Suite, and integrating with popular public cloud providers such as Dell EMC and VMware Cloud Provider Partners, Virtustream, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
  • Dell EMC Certified Specialist Systems Administrator - Infrastructure Security validates that IT professionals have the knowledge and skills to take a security-first approach to administering Dell EMC infrastructure across the data center and cloud. Administrators will learn best practices in configuring and managing Dell EMC enterprise solutions in alignment with their organization’s overall security strategy.
  • Dell EMC Certified Associate- Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud Platforms establishes foundational knowledge in integrated infrastructure and cloud strategies. Business or technical professionals learn through real-life case studies and interactive experience in which they play the role of a CIO transforming an organization from a traditional data center to a modernized IT environment.


ICT Reports

Indira College of Engineering And Management, Pune   01/06/16      A207

Title: Note

                                                                                                                       Date: 14/12/2017

Subject: ICT Academy Institutional Membership

ICT Academy is an initiative of the Government of India in collaboration with the state Governments and Industries. ICT Academy is a not-for-profit society, the first of its kind pioneer venture under the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model that endeavors to train the higher education teachers and students thereby exercises on developing the next generation teachers and industry ready students.

 Indira College of Engineering and Management, Pune had signed the Institutional Membership with ICT Academy on 01/11/2017.

Institutional Membership benefits are as follows.

  1. Faculty Development Programs (FDP)
  2. ICT Academy Research Journals
  3. Student Skill Training
  4. Corporate Collaboration
  5. Youth Street: A Quarterly Magazine of ICT Academy
  6. Free Software and Access to content (Autodesk, Amazon, Dell EMC, Palo Alto and Oracle)
  7. Power Seminars
  8. ICT Academy Events
  9. ICT Academy Youth Contests
  10. ICT Academy Awards

Submitted by:

Prof. Deepali Dagale

ICT Coordinator

Computer Department.






Oracle Academy leverages Oracle’s global technology leadership to offer a complete portfolio of computer science education resources to secondary schools; technical, vocational, and two-year colleges; and 4-year colleges and universities, with the goal of helping students become college and career ready.



Mission of Oracle Academy advances computer science education globally to drive knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields.



To support continuous computer science learning at all levels, Oracle Academy make available a variety of resources that can be used in the classroom and in not-for-profit academic course- and degree-related research, including technology, curriculum and courseware, student workshops, educator training, and Oracle industry certification and exam preparation materials.

Throughout the year, Oracle Academy offers educator training events around the globe.

Classroom Resources:

  1. Object-Oriented Programming (Java) Course Curricula (Java Fundamentals, Java Foundations, Java Programming)
  2. Database Course Curricula (Database Foundations, Database Design and Programming with SQL, Database Programming with PL/SQL)
  3. Oracle Academy Workshop in a Box (Alice, Greenfoot, Programming the Finch Robot, Solve It with SQL)
  4. Access to Personal Application Express Workspaces
  5. Oracle Software Licenses for Individual, Non-Production Use (via OTN)

  Oracle Academy Community

  1. Oracle Academy Student Community Day
  2. Eligible to Co-Host Oracle Academy Days
  3. Eligible to Co-Host Code Together Events
  4. Eligible to Participate in Oracle Academy Advisory Groups
  5. Visibility in the Oracle Academy Directory of Institutional Members

Member Recognition

1.       Oracle Academy Bi-Monthly Newsletter

2.       Eligible to be a Featured Oracle Academy Member Success Story

3.       Eligible to be a Featured Oracle Academy Coder in Action Story

4.       Use of Oracle Academy Branding and Logos


  1. Oracle Academy Bi-Monthly Newsletter

  2. Access to world-class technology, expertly developed learning materials and curriculum, training (In-Class Training, Virtual and In-Class Training, Virtual Training), and other resources.

  3. Professional Development Opportunities

  1. Attend Free Faculty Workshops (Alice, Greenfoot, Programming the Finch Robot, Solve It with SQL)
  2. Attend Free Oracle Academy Faculty Professional Development Courses
  3. Free Access to NetSuite Courses for Self-Study
  4. 25% Discount on NetSuite Training

 Oracle Certification

  1. 50% Discount on Oracle University Training
  2. 25% Discounted Oracle Certification Exam Vouchers
  3. 50% Discounts on Select Oracle Certification Practice Exams


 Helping students to become career ready by achieving following certificates.

Java Certification: Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE7 Programmer

Database Certification:  Oracle Database 12c Certified Associate, Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate.

ICT MOU Certificate