Core Values

Core Values of an Institute

  1. Humanity

Indira College of Egg & Management is committed to ensure the outcome to be a responsible global citizen thru’ quality & systematic education.

  1. Unity in Diversity

The institute fairly follows the practice of offering equal opportunity in spite of the presence of diversified people.

  1. Quest for Excellence

Institute is trying to provide various platforms to strive to grow to complete global education system. 

  1. Social Accountability 

It is a foremost duty of our institute to inculcate the value of social accountability by arranging & participating in various social awareness programs.  Institute is also collaborated with reputed NGO’s to drive this cause successfully.    ​​

  1. Holistic Development 

Our institute, which is run by 25 years old trust Shree Chankya Education Society dedicated to holistic development. It also encourages the tradition of career- focused education and core values, through providing the platform to explore students & faculties in 360^0.

  1. Technical Proficiency

Institute, understand and actively engage students in the flow and trend of emerging technology by utilizing consistent and creative use of technology to enhance professional development.