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The International Yoga Day was celebrated at ICEM campus on 21th June 2018. It was conducted by department of Physical Education. The chief guest for the program was Prof. Rupesh Thopte Yog-Guru. Our Principal Dr.Sunil Admuthe inaugurated the event with his address. Yoga means addition of energy, strength, beauty to body, mind and soul. Yoga-Guru Prof. Rupesh Thopte, (Chairman, Ved Yoga Foundation) addressed all staff and students of ICEM on the benefits of yoga on the occasion of International yoga day. He taught Surya Namaskar and kapal bhati pranayam to all participants. He said it will not only help for your physical fitness but also for balancing the Mental, Emotional, Stress management and eliminate the negativity from our mind. He encouraged the staff & students about the yoga for daily practices

The event was well-organised by Physical Director Atul Gore. The function was attended by all Heads of Department, teaching and non-teaching faculties and students of the college; almost 70+ audiences had attended the program. Vote of thanks was delivered by Prof. Atul Gore.

Every year of Indira College of Engineering and Management celebrates “Ganesh Festival” in the campus.  The responsibility of Decoration was given to hostel students. Installation ceremony of Ganesha Idol on 13th September 2018. The programme started with grand procession with students. Then the Ganesha idol was installed in the presence of Mr. Sagar nikam. 

All teaching and non – teaching staff of college were present during Ganesh Pooja and aarti. After aarti prasad was distributed amongst all ICEM staff. At the last day Honorable chairperson Dr. Tarita Shankar and Group Director Mr. Chetan wakalkar were also presented. During the Ganesh Festival Cultural and Sport activity were conducted under the respective culture Committee. Along with Dhol Tasha Pathak grand procession in the evening at 4’O clock all students’ experiences immersion of Ganesh at Pawna River.

  Following committee work for festival Akshay Belekar.  (Precident)  Sameera Prabhune. (Vice President)  Suraj khanojeya. (Secretary)  Shital Pachange. (Treasurer)  Satyam kattimani. (Treasurer)  Cultural Committee  Harsh shukla. (SE)  Madhusudhan Pande. (MCA)  Ankit Kamle. (MBA)  Kaustubh Pise. (SE)  Nikita Khandelwal. (BE)  Vrushali Kulkarni. (TE)  Tejswini Pawar. (MBA)  Sengal Thube. (FE)  Vaisnavi Bhapkar. (FE)  Shweta Lokhande. (FE)  Shweta Singh. (FE)  Rachita Roy. (FE)  Snehal Bhonge. (FE)   Under the Guidance of  Mr. Sagar Nikam.  Mr. Bhausaheb Satpute. Mrs. Harsha Pasule. Mrs. Manisha Bansode And all The ICEM Staff.

The MESA team of ICEM organized a Lord Vishwakarma jayanti (God of Architecture) on 18/09/2018 in Workshop. It is said that Vishwakarma is the designer of all the flying chariots of the gods, and all their weapons and divine attributes. Vishwakarma is also credited with creating the missiles used in the mythological era, including the Vajra, the sacred weapon of Lord Indra, from the bones of sage Dadhichi.

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