Computer Engineering

Programme Objective

  • To build graduates for successful careers in Computer Engineering those are able to serve state and regional industries, government agencies, or national and international industries.
  • To build graduates that identifies the underlying scientific foundation of Computer Aided Innovation and also to evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency.
  • To build graduates who engage in self-development activities through further professional studies and personal research that will allow them to adapt technological challenges in many frames like computer hardware and software design, embedded systems, computer network design, system integration, electronic design automation etc.
  • To build graduates in computer engineering who are acquiring knowledge of the discipline, teamwork, communication skills and an ability to work with a diverse set of constraints.
  • To build graduates who will be aware of ethical and social responsibilities, both as individuals and in team environments.

Undergraduate programs

  1. B.E. (Computer Engineering)
    Duration : 4 Years (Full Time).
    Intake : 120
    Entry requirements : As per directives from DTE, Mumbai.

Postgraduate programs

  1. M.E. (Computer Engineering)
    Duration : 2 Years (Full Time).
    Intake : 18
    Entry requirements : As per directives from DTE, Mumbai
Contact Information
Dr. Poorna Shankar
Vice-Principal, Professor, Head of Department
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Dr. Poorna Shankar
Vice-Principal, Professor, HOD

Dr. Poorna Shankar

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