Dr. Tarita Shankar – Profile

Dr. Tarita Shankar holds a Degree in Arts (Gold Medalist), Law and Phd. in Management.

She has been an evangelist for social good all through her illustrious career spanning the world of community welfare, infrastructure and now, education. Her tremendous talents in community networking brought her laurels in the form of career updates and opportunities for society welfare deeds which made her decide to take up education as a vocation for the greater common good of the society she lives in. In this venture, she brought to bear her organizational and leadership skills which had already brought her to the limelight in her assignments, including in Bangkok and Dubai. Her concern for equity and fairness and in ensuring that the same is available to all citizens was evident when
she attended an international workshop on Fundamental Rights, at the University of Rome, held under the auspices of the United Nations in June 2009. She was also invited at the 4th World Women University President Forum for a keynote presentation on the topic ‘Style of Women’s Leadership’. This forum was organized by Communication University of China, at Nanjing, China.


While education continues to be the mainstay of her involvement with the community, she has made service to the neglected sections of community an article of faith, through the multi-pronged assistance that Indira Group has embarked upon to service organizations that are working for the welfare of the underprivileged.  This includes assistance to students, physically handicapped and orphaned children, senior citizens etc.  Also she has an abiding interest in the spiritual development of the students of Indira for which she has been consistently arranging talks and discourses by experts in Yoga and Indian spirituality.

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