E&TC – Industry Institute Interaction

Sr.No. Industry Academic Year Number of students participated
1 A Square Electro Engineering Pvt. Ltd, Akurdi 2018-19 20
2 Volkswagan Chakan Pune 2018-19 20
3 Telephone Exchange, Chinchwad,Pune 2017-18 20
4 JVS Electronics & Kavika electrical at Bangalore 2017-18 27
5 JENCODER, Bhosari 2015-16 40
6 Industrial Visit at IUCAA 2014-15 50
Sr.No Date Topic Resource Person Name Organization
1 4/10/2018 Alumni interation on Higher studies in abroad and embedded importance Ms. Nikita Natesan and Mr. Sumit Sirmewar Alumni
2 4/10/2018 Network security and internet Security Prof. Manisha Bharati Computer ICEM
3 29-9-2018 Cyber Security Prof. Sanjay Bankar MCA
4 26-9-2018 Session on Humanity Dr. Archana Salve & Prof. Priyanka Darekar IGBS
5 24-09-2018 VLSI Design Dr. Sheetal Bhandari PCCOE, Nigadi
6 21-09-2018 Alumni Interaction  Mr. Abhijeet Gaikwad Central Bank of India
7 19-09-2018 Transmission Lines Prof. Gayatri Bokade NMIT Pune
8 27-08-2018 Hands on Session On VLSI Design and Technology Prof. Shweta Banait SIT
9 12-07-2018 Electromagnetics Prof. N.S.Sathawane R.N.D. Kits Pune
10 11-07-2018 Gate Awareness Talk Mr. Paresh Gugale Imperial Institure
11 25-07-2018 Mechatronics Hydraulic System Prof. Vishal Meshram Mecha. ICEM
12 27-3-2018 Audit Course Introduction to Japanese Language Prof.Chaitali  Borase FE Dept ICEM
13 23-3-2018 Soft Computing Techniques Prof.Chaitali  Borase FE Dept ICEM
14 21-3-2018 Electromagnetics Prof Neerajkumar Sutawane D Y P College of Engg, Ambi
15 28-2-2018 Information Technology & coding Techniques Prof. Dr,Harjeet Kaur AIT Dighi
16 10-2-2018 Recent trends in MC,WN,SC Prof.Walake PVPIT ,Bawdhan
17 24-01-2018 FRDM-KL25Z embedded circuits Mr.Monish Kataria Alumni
18 23-01-2018 Introduction of SAP Mr. Shreejeeb Gosh Alumni
19 22-09-2017 Digital Logic Families Prof.Anuradha Kulkarni SIT, Lonavala
20 19-09-2017 Data Structure & Algorithms Prof.Shuchi Gupta Computer Dept ICEM
21 18 -09-2017 19-09-2017 Audit Course Introduction to Japanese Language Prof.Chaitali Borase FE Dept ICEM
22 12-09-2017 Interdisciplinary  approach for practical system design using PIC  Microcontrollers Prof.Sushma Wadr & Prof. Avinash Patil E&TC Dept AIT, Dighi
23 13-09-2017 Cyber & Information Security Prof. Sanjay Bankar MCA Dept ICEM
24 28-08-2017 Mechatronics practicals Prof. Meshram Mechanical Dept ICEM
25 9-08-2017 Energy Audit MR & Mrs. Ajitkumar Datar Petrolium Conservation Research Association
26 31-07-2017 Mechatronics Hydraulic System Prof.Meshram Mechanical Dept ICEM
A.Y. Students Project Tittle Sponsored  Industry/ Organization 
      2017-18 Patil Sanjay  PLC controlled robot for spot welding Patil automation pvt. Ltd, Chakan MIDC, Dist Pune.
Bhongale Prathamesh
Hadule Milind
Jagtap Akshay Balasaheb Gun actuation using motion detection system. Embbeded solutions P. Ltd. Pune
Mamta Patil
Patole Adarsh Pramod
                      2016-17 Bulbule Yogesh Shankar Ultrasonic Flow Meter Aficot Pvt.Ltd.Katraj
Kasle Madhuri Venkatrao
Chandgude Vasundhara
Mulani Alisha Rijwan Special Purpose Machine for Ball Bearing   Varad Automation and Robotics Pvt. Ltd
Gaikwad Niha Sudhakar
Biradar Varsharani Kashinath
Sandeep Kumar Renewable Energy source using solar system Kalptech Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Jagdale Akshay Prakash
Sanket Shindkar
Monish Development of MITSUBISHI Nexgenie 1000 PLC's Expansion Module MITSUBISHI Pvt ltd
Doshetti Shriyash Ramesh
Jadhav Nikhil Dilip
Komal Udhav Bhise Wireless Device Automation in Agriculture. Kalptech Solutions Pvt.Ltd.


1) Industrial visit for BE E&TC students at BSNL, Chinchwad.

2) Industrial visit for TE E&TC students at JENCODER

3) Industrial visit for BE E&TC students at IUCAA, Girawali observatory, Pune.

4) Industrial visit for TE E&TC students at GMRT.

5) TE & BE students enroll for BSNL for One month Internship Program & Golden & Silver Certification every year

6) TE students are undergoing Java certification at SEED Infotech, under college scholar club activity.

7) Department of E&TC, ICEM has organized industrial visit for the students to Volkswagen Plant Chakan Pune on 6th September 2018.
At first students were shown a presentation on Volkswagen.
Then students were then taken for the tour through the plant.The procedure of making a Volkswagen car starts from production of its spare parts then comes the assembly, alignment, quality maintenance, examination of these parts by experts. It takes place through the efforts of man and machine equally. The exciting sites in the plant were the Kuka robots, conveyor systems on ceiling, production of left hand drive cars, display models of inner body of a Volkswagen, cleanliness of the whole place.
To sum up all, it was a very informative and exciting visit. The visit improved students knowledg

e and made them to experience how huge plants like this function. This visit was well organized and well coordinated by Prof. Sushma Patwardhan.