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Electronics and Communication engineering is one of the old and the best course in the field of engineering. Electronics and Communication cover vast areas in the field of engineering. It is not possible for a person to become an expert in all the fields. So, one should choose one or two areas of interest. Memory of last recession had a big impact on the type of careers we choose. It is wise to go for a career that can withstand market conditions like recession, rather than going for a career change at a later stage of your career. Since the number of openings for freshers in the field of Electronics and Communication is far less compared to the students passing out every year, it is very important for a budding engineer to get placed during campus recruitment and cross the first hurdle in your career.

Engineering industries that accept electronic engineering graduates:

Electronic engineering graduates are typically accepted into the following industries. However, different employers will have different requirements, so do check out companies individually.

  • Aerospace industry & Automotive industry
  • Construction industry & Defense industry
  • Electronics industry & Fast moving consumer goods industry
  • Marine industry & Oil and gas industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry & Power generation industry
  • Rail industry & Telecoms
  • Utilities industry ABC

Career development:

Most engineering careers lead to senior positions managing other staff and/or larger projects and budgets. To progress in the profession it’s increasingly important to achieve professional status as an incorporated (IEng) or chartered (CEng) engineer.

If you have CEng status, you may be able to apply for European engineer status (EUR ING) with the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI). This provides formal professional recognition in other European countries, enabling you to work overseas. For more information see Engineering Council – European Engineer.

Higher Education Opportunities for Electronics and Communication Students:

Students can opt for higher studies, if you don’t get placed during campus recruitment. Even if you get placed, to get noticed for your work as a fresher and get promoted is difficult, because companies hire freshers in large numbers. So, to give an incremental push to your career, it is good to have MS in Electronics and Communication.

There is a lot of scope for students doing M.S or M.Tech in the field of electronics and communication. Having masters will certainly improve your career prospects and help you get hired by top MNC’s. Governments across the globe are spending millions of dollars in this field for research and development. So, scope for doing Ph.D. in these fields is a risk worth taking. You will get scholarships and financial aid to do PhD from various government and non-government organizations. If you planning to do MS or PhD programs in Foreign Universities, you need to go through GRE and TOEFL exams. For M.Tech, you should score high in GATE exams.

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