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Group Directors Message

Group Directors Message

If people aren’t telling you that your idea is crazy, then it is likely not a very big idea.Francis Ford Coppola

This is the world of energy, environment, food, communications, logistics, manufacturing, and product development. The Indian government has declared this decade as the “Decade of Innovation”. The challenge for India in this decade is to look beyond development occurring solely in scientific R & D laboratories to building a holistic environment encompassing industry, education and the service sectors to drive growth. Of course, technology is a very important part of the equation.

The secret of innovation is to think big, act small, fail fast and learn rapidly. It is key not to let pre-determined goals undermine future success. It requires focus, leadership, and dedication to create an authentic community of motivated thinkers and doers that can open new channels for industry.

Exponential advances in knowledge, communication, instrumentation, and information technology have created mind-boggling possibilities and students are cutting across traditional disciplinary boundaries in unprecedented ways. As an educator, we are aware of the challenges ahead and also aware that students are driven by passion, curiosity, engagement, and dreams. We at Indira, focus on the environment in which they learn and the forces, ideas, inspirations, and empowering situations to which they are exposed.

In this global knowledge age — with its serious problems and great opportunities — we need the best and brightest to enter engineering stream. And we wish larger no. of students to work in the areas of engineering innovation that will keep us secured, healthy, and flourishing within a vibrant economies and organizations and be prepared to live & work as global citizens.

Chetan Wakalkar
Group Director, Indira Group of Institutes