MBA – Research Group

With the advanced intellectual capacity required to succeed in a global environment, the onus for growth lies not only on the students but also on the Faculty. We at ICEM are institutionalized to meet the training and research needs of the varied organizations. We thus provide customized training programs and conduct research activities for diverse groups. We offer customized programs to suit the business and developmental needs of client organizations. Our students are involved at various stages in different exercises to get an exposure to practice the theoretical concepts and thereby get a closer look at the corporate world.

Objectives of Research group activities:
  1. To encourage research habit in Faculty and students
  2. To help understand theory better
  3. To create database and background for deeper study

We conduct research activities (primary as well as secondary) under the guidance of experts in:

Name and Description of LaboratoryMajor Equipments 
Lab is well equipped with all the
experimental setups required as per
University of Pune syllabus. Lab used in
third year Mechanical Engineering in first
semester. Total cost of the lab is 3.29
1) VCC System.
2) A C Trainer.
3) ICE Plant.