MBA – Examination & Assessment

Examination & Assessment

Pattern of Examination:

The evaluation scheme comprises of:

a)University Evaluation

b)Concurrent Evaluation

For each full credit course –

  1. a) 70 marks shall be evaluated by the University and
  2. b) 30 marks shall be evaluated by the respective Institute.
  3. a) 50 marks shall be evaluated by the respective Institute.

There shall not be any University evaluation for half credit courses.

University Evaluation

There shall be University evaluation for each full credit course as per the time table announced by the University. The evaluation by the University for Full Credit Courses shall comprise of two parts:

  1. A) Online Examination for 20 marks.
  2. B) Written Examination (subjective –concept plus case study / application oriented type) for 50 marks.

Online Examination

The Savitribai Phule Pune University shall conduct an online examination for each full credit course. This examination will be objective in nature and shall carry a weightage of 20 marks per full credit course. Students will appear for the online examinations in their respective institutes. Online examination shall constitute a separate head of passing for the full credit courses fir which such online examination is scheduled

Passing shall be at 30%.The student does NOT have a facility of Grade Improvement, in online examination, if he/she has secured any grade other than F.

The Online Examination will be conducted prior to one week before the start of theory examination of each semester.

The Controller of Examinations of the Savitribai Phule Pune Universityshall announce the online examination window of

6 days per semester i.e. a window of 6 days for Semester I and another window

of 6 days for Semester III (in term I and likewise for term II. The number of days will vary as per number of courses) for the examination, in consultation with the Dean

–Faculty of Management.

The online test shall be conducted for all 4 semesters during each term. There shall

NOT be any retest for those students who are absent for the online exam during the declared examination window period.Any student, who is absent for the online test during the regular term, can take the online test for the specific course in the next term and his grades evaluation shall be updated accordingly in therevised

Concurrent evaluation component with the students, soon after the evaluation, and guide the students for betterment.

Individual faculty member shall have the flexibility to design the concurrent evaluation components in a manner so as to give a balanced assessment of student capabilities across Knowledge, Skills &Attitude (KSA) dimensions based on variety of assessment tools.