MCA – Research Group

Department has formed a unique strategy for research prospects in the areas of Information Technology

  1. We promote students to write research papers/ review / survey papers in the latest trends in the said area.
  2. Our students participate in national/international level of conferences to present their studies related to research in the various promising areas of computer technology and applications.
  3. Below are the areas which are focused while guiding students to work in the orientation of research.
  4. Open Source Technologies Data Warehousing & Data Mining
    RoboticsAdhoc Networks
    Nanotechnology Emerging Trends In Mobiles & PCs
    Computer Vision Real Time Operating Systems
    Object Oriented Technologies Embedded Technology
    CDMA & BluetoothAdvanced Algorithms
    Network Security & Management Pervasive Computing
    Distributed & Parallel Databases Advanced Cryptography and Implementation
    Business Intelligence ERP Information Processing
    Artificial Intelligence / Neural NetworksGeographical Information System
    Digital Signal Processing & ApplicationsSoftware Engineering
    Wireless Networks Comp. Tech. Application In Contemporary Management
    Cloud / Cluster Computing Nanotechnology
    Open Source Technologies Computer Vision
    Robotics Object Oriented Technologies
    CDMA & BluetoothOthers
  5. To motivate students to study the subjects in depth and write research papers, our college organizes National level conference QUANTONIUM in the moth of Feb every year.
  6. Inter collegiate Project competitions are held every year for students to motivate their application development skills.
  7. Technical presentations are organized for students every fortnight to build confidence, courage and develop communication / presentation skills.
  8. Career development programs are organized every Saturday by domain experts from Industry to educate students about the latest happenings in the various areas of information technology.
  9. Research Methodology is included in their curriculum where they learn about different perspectives to carry out research and its applications.
  10. Case studies in every domain are discussed in the class to update the analytical and logical reasoning skills.
  11. Domain wise Research groups are formed to guide the students to take up contemporary research projects in the niche areas of Information Technology. Research Facilitators are provided from the Industry and Institute.