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  • The MCA Programme affiliated to Pune University is a three year Programme, which follows the semester pattern.
  • MCA Syllabus is revised after every three years. Recently MCA syllabus is updated and the new 2015-2018 syllabus is made available to the students.
  • Every semester subjects are combination of Soft Skills, programming languages, databases, operating systems, networking etc.
  • Board of studies for MCA comprises of veterans of IT Industry and professors from various colleges across Pune who take keen interest updating the curriculum to meet the Industry’s requirements in emerging technologies.
  • The M.C.A. program comprises of the core concepts in computer architecture, networking, object orientation, application programming, web deployment and mobile computing with a research focus.
  • The Curriculum is well updated with latest technology like Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture and Python Programming.
  • The curriculum also includes the other significant subjects such as mathematics, business process, management, financial accounting and Optimizing Techniques. 

For more details of syllabus click on following links.

MCA syllabus new (2019-2022)

MCA syllabus new(2015-2018)



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