MCA – Research Group

Department has formed a unique strategy for research prospects in the areas of Information Technology

  1. We promote students to write research papers/ review / survey papers in the latest trends in the said area.
  2. Our students participate in national/international level of conferences to present their studies related to research in the various promising areas of computer technology and applications.
  3. To motivate students to study the subjects in depth and write research papers, our college organizes National level conference QUANTONIUM in the moth of Feb every year.
  4. Inter collegiate Project competitions are held every year for students to motivate their application development skills.
  5. Technical presentations are organized for students every fortnight to build confidence, courage and develop communication / presentation skills.
  6. Career development programs are organized every Saturday by domain experts from Industry to educate students about the latest happenings in the various areas of information technology.
  7. Research Methodology is included in their curriculum where they learn about different perspectives to carry out research and its applications.
  8. Case studies in every domain are discussed in the class to update the analytical and logical reasoning skills.
  9. Domain wise Research groups are formed to guide the students to take up contemporary research projects in the niche areas of Information Technology. Research Facilitators are provided from the Industry and Institute.
    Papers Published   No. of papers presented in
Sr. no Name of Faculty National Journal International Journal Workshops Attended National Conference International conference
1 Dr. Poornashankar 1 10 17 2 3
2 Dr. Darshana Desai 0 3 7 3 2
3 Mrs. Gouri Vaidya 0 2 5 3 2
4 Mrs. Dipali Patil 2 3
5 Mrs.Rupa Naik 4 3 1
6 Mr. Sanjay Bankar 7 1


  1. Research Publications in International Journals Having Academic Status
Sr.No Name of the Teacher/Author   Title of the Paper   Name of the Journal Volume and Page Number
1 Dr. Poornashankar Implementation of Active Attribute Creation and Efficient Data Retrieval for Dynamic Document Annotation International Journal of Innovative Research in Science Engineering and Technology Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2017 , ISSN(online): 2319-8753
2 Dr. Poornashankar Authentic Verification through Fine Grained Policies & Device based Security for Applications in Cloud Computing Services International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2017 , ISSN(online): 2319-8753
3 Dr. Poornashankar An Integrated Ultrasonic Sensor Based Smart Cane For Assisting The Visually Impaired   International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science   Volume 8, No. 9, November-December 2017, ISSN No. 0976-5697
4 Dr. Poornashankar Real Time Monitoring and Data Analytics of IoT Data Servers International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering ISO 3297:2007 Certified Vol. 6, Issue 10, October 2017 ISSN (Online) 2278-1021
5 Dr. Poornashankar Fine grained three factor access control for web-based cloud computing services International journal of science Technology and Management   ISSN(O):2394-1537 ISSN(P):2394-1529
6 Dr. Poornashankar Dynamic Document Annotation for Efficient Data Retrieval   International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication Vol 4, Issue 12,ISSN: 2321 (139-145)
7 Dr. Poornashankar Performance Analysis of different Feed          forward Networks in non-linear Classification International Journal of Soft computing and Engineering Page No: 332-336, Volume 3 Issue 2
8 Dr. Poornashankar Classification of Global Carbon Emissions using Artificial Neural Networks.   International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Foundation of  Computer Science, USA Volume 29– No.3, September 2011 ISSN:0975-8887
9 Dr. Poornashankar Climate Data Prediction using Artificial Neural Networks   International Journal of Multimedia, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Vol. 1, N0. 1, June 2010, Pg no: 67-71, ISSN: 2229-5917  
10 Dr. Poornashankar Analysis of Learning Paradigms and Prediction Accuracy using Artificial Neural Network Models   International Journal of Neural Networks and Applications Vol. 2, No. 2, Pg No: 75-79 ,July-December 2009, ISSN : 0974-6048  
11 Dr. Poornashankar Assessment of Optimum Neural Architecture in Forecasting and Mining Carbon Emissions International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering (IJCEE), IACSIT publishing, Singapore Vol.3(2): 219-225 ISSN: 1793-8163
12 Mrs. Gouri Vaidya, Dr. Rupa Hiremath Application of knowledge university faculties :a framework (conceptual and concrete) International journal of emerging technologies and applications in engineering, technology and sciences (ij-eta-ets) Volume 2 Issue 2, June ’09 – December 09 Page no. 393-397
13 Desai Darshana “Web Mining: An effective technique for enhancing user satisfaction with personalizing web” MIT College of Engineering, Pune International Journal of Engineering Commerce Science and Research  ISSN No. 2231-5535
14 Desai Darshana “CLUSTERING AN EFFICIENT TECHNIQUE FOR XML DATA MANAGEMENT” IJMRA-1085 proceeding with International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research  Academy (IJMRA)  ISSN No. 2249-0558
15 Desai Darshana Web Personalization: A perspective of design and implementation strategies in Websites“ KHOJ-Journal of Management Research & Practices ISSN No: 0976-8262
16 Mrs.GouriVaidya,Dr. ChitraDhawale Comparative Analysis of Multimodal Biometrics Scopus indexed journal IJPT  Vol.8, issue 4, page no.22969-22981
17 Desai Darshana “A study of personalization effect on users’ satisfaction with e commerce Websites” Sankalpa-Journal of Management & Research  ISSN No. 2231-1904
  1. List of Publications in International Conferences
Sr. No Name of the Author Name of The Conference and Place Subject of Paper
1 Dr. Darshana Desai International Conference on Data Management, Analytics & Innovation, Institute of Industrial & Computer Management and Research, Nigdi, Pune, India.  An empirical study of website personalization effect on users intention to revisit ecommerce website through cognitive and hedonic experience
2 Prof. Gouri vaidya International Conference on Innovations in IT and Management (ICI2TM - 2018) "Review and Applications of Multimodal Biometrics for Secured Systems"
3 Pro. Rupa Naik International conference on changing paradigm of business intelligence through digitization (“e-ITBM 2018”), VIIT College ,Baramati Research Paper on UML using object oriented approach
4 Dr. Poornashankar   First Indian Engineering Dean Council Global Summit on “Engineering Education- Current Scenario & Future Prospects”, Chennai A journey from perception to selection- An insight to students measures for Engineering college selection
5 Dr. Poornashankar International Conference on Climate Change Perspectives and Projections, ICCC2010,Osmania University, Hyderabad Forecast of Carbon Emissions and its impact on Climate Change and Vulnerability through Artificial Neural Networks.
6 Dr. Poornashankar International Conference on IT in Academics' 2009 (ITA 2009), Sinhagad Institute of Management, Pune Analysis of Artificial Neural Network Algorithms in Prediction of Tumor Growth
7 Mrs. GouriVaidya   GITInternationalConference  bySinhagadInstitute, Pune Role of Opensource technologyin  customization ofData Warehouse
8 Mrs. GouriVaidya GCMT '15 at SathyabhamaUniversity,Chennai, and  AsiaPacific Universityof Technology  &Innovation,Malaysia.  Multi Biometrics
  1. List of Publications in National Conferences
Sr. No Name of the Author Name of the Conference and Place Subject of Paper
1 Dr. Poornashankar College Of Computer Science And Information Technology ,Latur “Defect Prediction Analysis In Software Development Life Cycle Using Ann”
2 Dr. Poornashankar NCIEM 2013 (“PROCEEDINGS of NC’IEM” with the “ISBN-978-81-920427-1-9” Impact Of Demographic Variables On Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty In Indian Banking Sectors– An Empirical Study Using Artificial Neural Networks
3 Mrs. Gouri Vaidya BVCON09Nationalconference, Bharati Vidyapith,Sangli Agile Scrum Practices-An Effectual  ProjectManagement Strategy
4 Desai Darshana “XML Mining: A modern approach towards knowledge discovery”  Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management and Research, Pimpri, Pune
5 Desai Darshana “Effective Distance education with personalized e-learning through web personalization techniques”  Pratibha Institute of Business Management, Chinchwad, Pune
6 Desai Darshana “CLUSTERING AN EFFICIENT TECHNIQUE FOR XML DATA MANAGEMENT” Allana Institute of Management, Pune.
7 Desai Darshana  “XML Mining: An emerging web data mining technique” Indira College of Engineering & Management, Pune.
8 Desai Darshana “Effective Distance education with personalized e-learning through web personalization techniques”  Pratibha Institute of Business Management, Chinchwad, Pune
9 Dipali Patil "A Comprehensive Study of Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP)"  National Conference – NCAEMS 2011
10 Mrs. Rupa Naik C:32 K-Means Clustering Algorithm in data mining Advance in Engineering & Management
11 Desai Darshana “Effective Distance education with personalized e-learning” Indira Institute of Management, Pune.
12 Mrs. Gouri Vaidya NationalColloquium OnNovel ApproachesIn  ComputingTechnology inengineering  andmanagementinICEM, Pune Towards achievingtechnologicaladvances usinglocation basedservices.
13 Dipali Patil Information Security and vulnerabilities National Colloquium on Novel Approaches in Computing Technology, ICEM
14 Mrs. Rupa Naik Cloud Computing Technologies National Colloquium on Novel Approaches in Computing Technology, ICEM
15 Mrs. Gouri Vaidya A nationalConference oninnovations  inengineering andmanagementinICEM, Pune Location basedservices and  privacypreservation issues.
16 Dipali Patil Survey For Mobile Security & User Authentication In The Cloud Computing NCIEM 2013
17 Sanjay Bankar “Operations Research- Important Role in Managerial Decision Making” NCIEM 2013
18 Mrs. Rupa Naik Implementation of the Concept- Driven Approach in an Object Oriented Analysis Design Course NCIEM 2013
  1. Publications in National Journal
Sr. No Name of the Author Name of the Conference and Place Subject of Paper
1 Dr. Poornashankar SONA Global Management Review, Volume 9, Issue 1 Service Quality & Customer loyalty – an exploratory study in Home Finance Sector
Sr. No Name of the Author Name of The Conference and Place Subject of Paper

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