Achievements & Awards -Mech

Faculty Achievements:

BCUD Research Projects sanctioned by SPPU, Pune

Name of faculty Research Domain
Mahesh Bhong Comparative Experimental Study of Natural and Pressurize Air circulated in Solar Dryers using Non Selective Absorber Plate
Vishal Meshram Experimental Evaluation and improvement of heat utlization in Jaggary processing plant
Mahesh Bhong and Vinayak Kale Experimental study of supercompact forced solar air drier using curved optica; envelope
Shubhangi Manwatkar


Comparative analysis of heat transfer and frictional characteristics in a circular tube fitted with V- nozzle turbulators
Hemant Darokar


Experimental investigation of two stage indirect / direct evaporative cooling system


Student Achievements:

Department of Mechanical Engineering is proud to announced that Team “ ALCHEMIST” and “ TEAM ALCHEMIST RACING” has successfully qualified  SAE-SUPRA and SAE-BAJA virtual round , fabricated   “ONYX “ for BAJA  and “ALCHEMIST RACING “ for SUPRA and Participated on respective final Race at site.

Mr. Ibraheem Khan and Team from B.E Mechanical (2016-2017) successfully filed is his patient on Dual Split Rack Steering on 18/08/2017.

Mr. Mainak Ghosh from B.E Mechanical (2016-2017) bagged All-India Rank 371 in GATE 2017 with Gate Score 80 out of 100 currently Pursuing M.Tech  at IIT kharagpur.

Mr. Ibraheem Khan bagged Silver Medal at 59th National Shooting championship Competition, Delhi.


Student Training and Internship Details:

Academic Year No. of Student completed/Enroll for industrial training/Internship
2017-2018   97+
2016-2017 58
2015-2016 79


Student Publication Details:

Academic Year Name of Student Title of Paper
2016-2017 Shruti Sankpal et al Motorized Rappeling Mobility Device
2016-2017 Mohan Suryawanshi et al  Effects of Geometrical Parameters on  Performance  Characteristics of Venturimeter                    
2016-2017 Ganesh Pundlik Bhoge et al Experimental Investigation of Performance by Rectangular Winglet type Vortex Generator
2016-2017 Shyam Chavan et al Experimental Investigation on study of water mixed Air confined Jet impingement
2016-2017 Pratik Awati et al Multiway Hack Saw Machine- A Review
2016-2017 Kalyani Nikam et al Numerical Analysis on cooling of jiggery by using Heat Exchanger
2016-2017 Snehal Bharat Bhote et al Effect of Various Parameters on Performance of Vortex Tube: A Review
2016-2017 Hitesh Singh Waskale et al Effect of air recirculation in the energy saving during drying process of fruits, Vegetables and Grains: A Review
2016-2017 Puspendra Upadhyay et al Optimum Insulation Thickness : Radial Heat conduction through insulated pipe
2016-2017 Sagar Vanjari et al Pedal Operated water pump
2016-2017 Anand P Parkale et al Portable Pedal Operated Dual Pump
2016-2017 Ibraheem Khan et al Detachable Gear Tooth
2016-2017 Ibraheem Khan et al Front Wheel Steering System and Adaptability of Rack and Pinion steering over the other Steering Systems.
2016-2017 Ibraheem Khan et al Lowered Handle Tap Adaptor to Reduce Water Wastage



Departmental Sports Achievement:

Academic Year Prize
2016-2017 Overall Champions Trophy, ICEM
2015-2016 Overall Champions Trophy, ICEM
2014-2015 Overall Champions Trophy, ICEM