Mechanical Engineering – Laboratories

1.Name of Laboratory: Basic Mechanical Engineering
  Major Equipment’s 1] Babcock Boiler Model.
2] Cochran Boiler Model.
3] Chain and Belt Conveyor.
3] Chain and Belt Conveyor.
4] All Types of Brakes Models.
5] All Types of Clutch Models.
6] All Types of Gear Models
Investments : 1.17 L  
2.Name of Laboratory: Fluid Machinery
  Major Equipment’s 1] Reynolds Apparatus.
2] Minor Losses Due To
Pipe Fitting Apparatus.
3] Venturimeter calibration and
Orifice meter calibration
4] Pelton wheel test rig.
5] Kaplan Turbine test rig.
6] Const. speed centrifugal
pump test rig
Investments : 13.60 L  
3.Name of Laboratory: Applied Thermodynamics
  Major Equipment’s 1] Steam turbine test rig
2] Two stage reciprocating air compressor test rig
3] Steam generator model E Steam 300 with economizer with mounting & accessories.
4] Junkers Gas Calorimeter
5] Bomb Calorimeter
6] Orsat Gas Apparatus
Investments : 12.24 L  
4.Name of Laboratory: I C Engine
  Major Equipment’s 1] Single Cylinder 4 Stroke 5 HP Diesel Engine Test Rig
2] Four Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
3] Multi cylinder Diesel Engine Cut Section Model.
4]Battery Ignition System
5] Four Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Cut Section Model
Investments : 6.64 L  
5.Name of Laboratory: Theory of Machines  
Major Equipment’s
1] Synchromesh Gear Box
2] Differential Gear Box
3] Epicyclical Gear Train Setup
4] Motorized Gyroscope
5] Generation involute gear tooth profile & Rack shift Equipment
Investments : 2.94 L  
6.Name of Laboratory: Dynamics of Machinery
Major Equipment’s 1] Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus

2] Universal Vibration Testing m/c
3] Digital Sound Measurement Apparatus

Investments : 1.3 L  
7.Name of Laboratory: Workshop  
Major Equipment’s 1] Hearth Furnace
2] Plastic Molding Machine (MMT Brand1/2 OZ)
3] All Geared Lathe Machine (Turner make,4 ½ ‘ )
4] Power Hacksaw Machine
5] Radial Drill Machine
6] Spot Welding Machine
7] Power Press M/c.
8] Milling Machine (Sunrise Make) with Vertical Attachment
9] Lathe Machine(Light Duty)
Investments : 49.48 L  
8.Name of Laboratory: Heat Transfer
Major Equipment’s
1] Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod Apparatus
2] Parallel Flow & Counter Flow Apparatus
3] Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
4] Thermal Conductivity bu Guarded hot Plate method
5] Critical heat flux Apparatus
6] Natural, Forced Convection Apparatus
Investments : 4.82 L  
9.Name of Laboratory: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  
Major Equipment’s
1] Vapour Compression Refrigeration Test Rig
2] Air Conditioning Trainer
3] ICE Plant Test Rig
4] Vapour Absorption Test Rig
5] Cut Section Model of Hermetically Compressor
Investments : 3.39 L  
10.Name of Laboratory: Industrial Fluid Power
Major Equipment’s
1] Advanced Pneumatic Trainer
2] Advanced Hydraulic  Trainer
3] Gear Pump test Rig
4] Vane Pump Test Rig
5] Testing of Pressure Relief Valve.
Investments : 5.96 L  
11.Name of Laboratory: Mechatronics
Major Equipment’s
1] Micrologix 1000 PLC Trainer
2] PID Flow Control Trainer
3] Arduino(Atmega 328P) Development kit with Accelerometer Sensor
4] PID Trainer
5] Temp. Sensor Calibration Trainer Kit
Investments : 5.44 L  
12.Name of Laboratory: Metrology and Quality Control
Major Equipment’s
1] Auto Collimator With Angle Dekker
2] Floating Carriage Micrometer
3] Optical Flat With Monochromatic Light Source
4] Portable Surface Roughness Tester
5] Pneumatic  Comparator
6] Profile Projector(PPT-200)
Investments : 6.62 L  
13.Name of Laboratory: Metallurgy




Major Equipment’s

1] Standard Metallurgical Microstrure Set
2] Trinocular Microscope With CCTV
3] Micrometer Eyepiece
4] Fluroscent Dye Penetrant Kit
5] Jominy End Quench Hardness Tester
6] Single Disc Polishing Machine
Investments : 2.79 L  
14. Name of Laboratory: Modeling and Analysis
  Total No. of Machines 25
  Configuration: INTEL -G(41) C2D E 7500, OS-Windows 7 Enterprise,Ram-4GB,Intel core i5 ,HDD 500GB
  Software Installed: MATLABTM 2010
Investments : 7.46 L  
15. Name of Laboratory: Computer Aided Design  
  Total No. of Machines 30
  Configuration: G(41) C-2 D HCL Infinite BL 1330, OS-Windows 7 Enterprise,Ram-2GB,Intel core 2 duo, HDD 300GB
  Software Installed: CATIA V5 R21, AUTOCAD 2015
Investments : 6.41  L  
16. Name of Laboratory: PG Computer
  Total No. of Machines 25
  Configuration: LENOVO THINK CENTRE Intel H61 I3, OS-Windows 7 Enterprise,Ram-4GB,Intel core i3,HDD 500GB
  Software Installed: AUTOCAD 2015, MASTERCAM X9, ANSYS 13
Investments : 5.85  L  



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