Ongoing projects

Sanction Year Principle Investigator Title
2011-13 Dr. Sunil Ingole Experimental Analysis & Effect of Multiple Jet Impingement Cooling with Horizontal Flat Plate
2011-13 Prof. Mahesh Bhong Comparative Experimental Study of Natural & Pressurize Air Circulated in Solar Dryers using Non Selective Absorber Plate
2014-16 Dr. Poonam Bhoyar An Emperical Analysis for Developing an Effective framework for optimized utilization of crop through genetic algorithm
2014-16 Prof. Vishal Meshram Experimental evaluation & improvement of heat utilization in Jaggary processing plant
2014-16 Prof. Mahesh Bhong Experimental study of supercompact forced solar air drier curved optical envolope
2014-16 Prof. Priyanka Pawar Study of cost & entrepreneurship in pune district
2014-16 Prof. Darshana Desai An emperial study for effective framework designing for customization & adoptation of educational website using web mining
2014-16 Prof. Sumit Harale GPU accelerated room acoustic simulation
2016-18 Prof. Vijay Wairagade Experimental study of bamboo reinfireed concrete beam
2016-18 Prof. Deepak Dharrao Real time video surveillence & analysis in public or commercial places
2016-18 Prof. Shubhangi Manwatkar Comparative analysis of heat transfer & frictional characteristics in a circular tube fitted with v-nozzle turbulators
2016-18 Prof. Hemant Darokar Experimental investigation of two stage indiract/ direct evaporative cooling system