This summit was an endeavour by Indira College of Institute to expose academic to the leading edge innovation practices from across the world and to create a platform for intellectual exchange of ideas. This event was especially organised to facilitate the corporate talents. The entire event was coordinated by the students. The summit aimed at offering a great learning experience to the student of Indira and to imbibe the spirit of innovation in them.

We hope that the wealth of knowledge and experience available at the summit would serve as a motivation for the young generation at Indira, to realize the value of innovation and to benefit from the presence of ace practioners.

The event was attended by our Chairpersorn Dr. Tarita Shankar & Group Director Prof. Chetan Wakalkar.

The Speakers and guests for the evening were:

Sr. No Organizational Name Name of Awardee Designation Category
1 KK Plastic Waste Management Pvt Ltd Mr. K Ahmed Khan Founder & CEO Individual
2 Tork Motors Mr. Kapil Shelke Founder & CEO Individual
3 Ethreal Machines Mr. Kaushik Mudda Founder & CEO Individual
4 Cyclops Medtech Mr. Niranjan Subbarao Founder & CEO Individual
5 Simplibuy Technologies Mr.Arun Purohit Founder & CEO Individual
6 StomatoBot Mr. Anand Muglikar Founder & CEO Individual
7 Dataglen Mr. Tanuja Ganu Co-Founder Individual
8 Incredible Mr. Mahesh Dhoka Founder & CEO Individual
9 Scrumstart Mr. Santosh Panicker Founder & CEO Individual
10 GKN Sinter Metals Dr. Ujjal Bhattacharjee HR Organization
11 Everest India Ms. Asha Sharma HR Organization
12 HETTICH India Ms. Sunaina Dutta HR Organization
13 Force Motors Mr. Abhijeet Shete HR Organization
14 E-Zest Dr. Kshitij Deshmukh HR Organization
15 L&T Infotech Ms. Sarika Shrikhande HR Organization
16 Bitwise Solutions Mr. Aman Sharma HR Organization


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