Research & Development

1. Institute R&D Policy:

In today’s fast growing scientific society working on research projects to explore areas science and technology is very essential. In developed countries, research and commercialization of technologies originated at University. Indira Group of Institutions R&D policy provides end-to-end support, from conceptualization to commercialization, of research ideas, specifically by:

Ensuring that environment is created / nurtured / maintained so that faculty and scientists at Indira Group of Institutions are able to conduct research of the highest caliber.
The research environment includes laboratories’ infrastructure, equipment, support staff – both technical and administrative – and research staff.

Providing support for researchers to liaise with (potential) funding sources so as to be able to finance their research and development activities.

Spotting and nurturing opportunities for collaboration between researchers and their counterparts in other institutions.

Ensuring that ICEM researchers are positioned to contribute to the state of the art in cutting edge and emerging areas of research in Science and Engineering.

Identifying and putting in place ways and means by which work done by researchers at ICEM can be exploited whenever appropriate and possible – to address problems faced by society and industry. Towards this, licensing, commercialization and agile processes for industry-academia partnerships are a must.

Providing admin support for conducting research – management of human resources, financial management, procurement.

Incubate early stage entrepreneurial ventures based on technology and innovation.

Create Physical infrastructure and support system necessary for business incubation activities.

Facilitate networking with professional resources, which includes mentors, experts, consultants and advisors for innovation and incubation.

Carryout activities that facilitate knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

2. Industry Consultancy and Projects

At ICEM Pune, we believe that close association with Industry is crucial to the growth of Science and Technology. The challenging problems in the field are best solved by teams of technologists from Industry and researchers from academia. Major sectors focused by institutions are: IT/ITES industry, Automotive Sector, Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, defense and service industry.

Indira Group of Institutions is building outstanding resources for research and development. More than 50 faculties in various areas of Science, Technology, and Humanities and Social Sciences, are developing research groups based on technology themes.

Industry / external agency can contact institute to solve various engineering/technology problems, the following details would help you find a faculty or group of faculty who could help you solve it. Problems could be of various types – focused, with specific outcomes and deliverables, to investigatory, exploring the boundaries of knowledge and going beyond.

Types of Consultancy services being offered is given below:

Analytical studies


Cause-and -remedy studies

Simulation/ modeling/ optimization

Design of systems/components/processes

Development of industrial products/systems

Development of systems software/application software for offline/online applications.

Development of laboratories

Human Resource development programmes

Testing of industrial products/samples

Validation of designs/drawings

Faculty in advisory capacity over specified periods

Standard Terms and Conditions

3. Innovations and Hobby Workshops
4. Technical Festival