About ICEM Student Council

The purpose of the Students Council (SC) is to provide programs, activities and services which serve the co-curricular, cultural, social, recreational and educational interest of students at the University and Colleges.  The SC seeks to contribute to the development of students’ leadership skills and experience, program planning and development, volunteering, and fiscal management

Students’ Council established under Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 1994 section 40 (B). (Under new insertion Maharashtra Public University Act 2016, Section 99).  The act was passed with a view to improve quality of higher education. The act has a number of innovative sections for the betterment of students, teachers, colleges and Universities.

   This act provides for the formation of student union or associated student body, which distinctively called as Students’ Council. There shall be a University Students’ Council and a College Students’ Council for each affiliated college to look after the welfare of the students and to promote and co-ordinate the extra-curricular activities of different student’s associations for better corporate life. It is specifically noted in the act that the Councils shall not engage in political activities. This chartered student council shall be authorized by University to receive and dispense students’ activity fee funds.

    Indira College of Engineering and Management formed the Student Council under the guidance of above mentioned act. Following are the council members.

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