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Research & Development Cell

Indira College of Engineering and Management is committed to inculcate research culture among faculty, researchers and students. The R&D Cell aims to develop and promote research and development activities to realize the vision and mission of the college. The research areas of academic, practical and social significance will be identified and thus contributing to the nation development. The research policy defines the applicable rules and regulations to be adhered while carrying out various research activities and norms related to safe and ethical conduct of research. The R&D Cell provides guidance to faculty members and students consistently to write research papers, research projects and IPR activities. The management encourages all faculty members and students by providing financial assistance for research paper presentation, attending national / international conferences, publishing books and filing copy rights and patents. To encourage innovative ideas and competitive projects the Institute provides Seed funding to the research projects to develop prototype and testing.

Objectives :

  1. To identify and inform all researchers about the research opportunities available in academic, industry, government and research organizations.
  2. To provide a conducive environment and motivation for undertaking interdisciplinary projects and research.
  3. To facilitate the presentation of the research work in academic events such as national / international conferences and enhance the standard of research publications.
  4. To establish center of excellence in association with industries and create modalities for preparing and undertaking joint research projects.
  5. To establish a long term relationship with research organizations for widening the scope of research opportunities and funding options available to the academic fraternity.
  6. To encourage participative research in all academic programs and promote internal funded research and consultancy services.
  7. To acquire membership of renowned professional bodies and promote linkage with Industry and other institutions of global repute.
  8. To ensure the quality of all research activities of the college and to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity in the conduct of their research,

Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) signed with various bodies in the academic year 2021-22

  • MoU signed with Consortium of Technical Education to provide innovative programs research initiatives and services through technical Industry
  • MoU signed with Shashitek Company, Banglore to provide internship and various realtime projects to students in the on demand technologies
  • MoU signed with Cyber Secured India, to create awareness among students and faculty membersin Cyber Security and digital forensics training and internship program
  • MoU signed with RWTH Aachen University, Germany to execute collaborative research projects and student training programmes.
S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Department
1. Dr. Poorna Shankar Dean R&D MCA Department
2. Dr. Sachin Kumar Member Computer Engineering
3. Mr. Vishal Meshram Member Mechanical Engineering
4. Mr. Nikhil Mulik Member Civil Engineering Name of the workshop/ seminar Number of Participants Date Hyper link
1 Webinar on Research Opportunities and CTE initiatives 50 5-Jan-22 3.2.2-(R&D seminars)
2 Expert Session on emerging technologies and projects 150 22-Jan-22 3.2.2-(R&D seminars)
3 Opportunities in Cybersecurity and Digital forensics 180 14-Mar-22 3.2.2-(R&D seminars)
4 Guidance workshop on writing scientific research paper and150 4-May-22 3.2.2-(R&D seminars)
5 Student conference - Business administration and leadership development61 26-Jun-21 3.2.2-(R&D seminars)
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Department Patent No. Status Nature of Patent Indian/ Foreign Date of Publication Date of Grant Title of the Patent
1 Ms. Manjusha Tatiya Computer Engg. 2021105497 Granted Australia 14-Aug-21 11-Nov-21 A system to extract a data and provide a data security using a mash up tools and an aspect-oriented programming
2 Mrs. Pooja Sharma Computer Engg. 202121034289 Published Indian 20-Aug-21 NA Automatic accident rescue system (AARS)
3 Mrs. Pooja Sharma Computer Engg. 202111044922 Published Indian 29-Oct-21 NA Requirement analysis for intelligent business process re-engineering with computational intelligence system.
4 Mrs. Pooja Sharma Computer Engg. 202121035707 Published Indian 31-Dec-21 NA Navigation system using computer vision with machine learning and artificial intelligence for people with visual impairments.
5 Dr. Pooja Sharma, Dr. Vikas Nandgaonkar Computer Engg. 202221006892 Published Indian 11-Mar-22 NA Method and process for academic achievement using machine learning
6 Dr. Soumitra Das, Dr. Vikas Nandgaonkar, Dr. Pooja Sharm Computer Engg.202221010399 Published Indian 18-Mar-22 NA Development of an online attendance and lecture notes management system using ai-based.
7 Ms. Pragati Chaudhari Computer Engg. DE202022101505 Granted German 22-Mar-22 6-Apr-22 A smart kitchen trolley system to create a real-time shopping list
8 Ms. Sujata Deo, Ms. Ashwini Joshi, Ms. Madhuri Bore, Mr. Sachin Ingle, Mr. Nikhil Mulik Civil Engg. 202221017056 Published Indian 25-Mar-22 NA Prediction of severe environmental impacts related to construction process of residential building.
9 Dr. Poorna Shankar, Mr. Sanjay Bankar MCA 202221017051 Published Indian 15-Apr-22 NA To develop an ensemble model using machine learning techniques to study the impact on mental health and wellbeing of graduate students due to pandemic.
10 Ms. Manjusha Tatiya, Ms. Pragati Chaudhari Computer Engg. 202221017054 Published Indian 15-Apr-22 NA Sign language inter converter using convolutional neural network and long and short time memory encoding & decoding network.
11 Dr. Archana Salve MBA 202241057347 Published Indian 14-Oct-22 NA An intelligent IOT-augmented reality-based framework for health monitoring system
12 Dr. Soumitra Das Computer Engg. 202241054752 Published Indian 14-Oct-22 NA A deep learning based image processing in computed tomography angiography with machine learning interfaces and method thereof
Title of paper Name of the author/s Department of the teacher Name of journal ISSN numberWeb Link
Method of a Quality Management at Production Company Dr. Sunil B. Ingole Mechanical Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology ISSN: 0367-6234 Harbin Gongye Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology (
Profile drying: A novel multistage convection drying method for indian dark red onion slices Mahesh G. Bhong , Vinayak M. Kale Mechanical Journal of Thermal Engineering e-ISSN: 2148-7847 1645777065-en.pdf (
Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) : Industry 4.0 Case Study switch from Breakdown to Predictive Maintenance Kiran D. Devade, Mahesh G. Bhong, Vinayak M. Kale, Sunil B. Ingole Basic Engineering GIS SCIENCE JOURNAL ISSN NO : 1869-9391 GIS SCIENCE JOURNAL
“A Study on Influence of FinTech on Customer Satisfaction of Banks in Pune” Prof. Aditee Huparikar MBA Journal of Positive School Psychology 2022 Vol., 6 ISSN 2717-7564. A Study on Influence of FinTech on Customer Satisfaction of Banks in Pune | Journal of Positive School Psychology (
Digitization of handwritten Devanagari text using CNN transfer learning – A better customer service support Dr. Soumitra Das Computer Engineering Elsevier-Neuroscience Informatics 2772-5286 Digitization of handwritten Devanagari text using CNN transfer learning – A better customer service support - ScienceDirect
Food Recommender: Deep Learning Approach for Predicting Daily Diet Based on Body Prakriti Pragati Choudhari Computer Engineering International Journal of Health Sciences ISSN 2550-6978 E-ISSN 2550-696X Food recommender | International journal of health sciences (
An empirical study of Privacy concern and trust in the decision to revisit Personalization of social networking websites Dr. Darshana Desai MCA Springer Nature Series Lecture notes on Data Engineering and Communication Technologies ISSN: 2367-4512 An Empirical Study of Privacy Concern and Trust in the Decision to Revisit Personalized Social Networking Websites | SpringerLink
Role of Privacy Concern and Control to Build Trust in Personalized Social Networking Sites Dr. Darshana Desai MCA Algorithms for Intelligent Systems ISBN: 978-981-16-2248-9 Role of Privacy Concern and Control to Build Trust in Personalized Social Networking Sites | SpringerLink
Performance Tuning of Apache Hadoop Framework In Big Data Processing with respect to Block Size Operating System Clusters and Map Reduce Techniques Dr. Poorna Shankar MCA Design Engineering Journal ISSN 0011-9342 http://www.thedesig
com/index.php/DE/ article
Performance Tuning of Apache Hadoop Framework In Big Data Processing with respect to Block Size and replication factor Dr. Poorna Shankar MCA SAMRIDDHI: Journal of Physical Science Engineering and Technology ISSN 0011-9342 Performance Tuning Of Apache Spark Framework In Big Data Processing with Respect To Block Size And Replication Factor | SAMRIDDHI : A Journal of Physical Sciences Engineering and Technology (
Performance evaluation of apache spark framework in big Data processing with respect to scheduling Dr. Poorna Shankar MCA Journal of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda ISSN: 0025-0422 https://www.researchgate
A TAM Based Empirical Study of Acceptance of SNS by Academicians of Professional Colleges in and around Pune Dr. Poorna Shankar MCA NOVIY MIR Research Journal ISSN NO : 0130-7673 NOVIY MIR Research Journal
Marching Ahead in Difficult Times: The Changing Face of Academia Dr. Poorna Shankar MCA ECS Transactions 2022 doi={10.1149/10701.7017ecst} https://ui.adsabs.harvard
“A Comparative Study of Developing Managerial skills through Management Education among Management Graduates at selected Institutes in Pune and Mumbai” Dr Archana Salve MBA The Electrochemical society ECS Transanctions DOI:10.1149/10701.3027ecst https://ui.adsabs.harvard



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